Job Vacancy For Production And Quality Control Departments At Etana Biotechnology

Job Vacancy For Production And Quality Control Departments At Etana Biotechnology

 Serving patients by providing high quality, affordable and innovative biopharmaceutical products.

Established in 2014, PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia (Etana) is an emerging producer of high-quality, affordable and innovative biopharmaceuticals to treat a range of metabolic, autoimmune and other major life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

In order to best serve Indonesian patients, Etana has established a network of strategic alliances and partnerships with international pharmaceutical producers with a strong track record in researching and developing safe and efficacious pharmaceuticals, enabling Etana to offer new treatments to the Indonesian market. At the same time, Etana is working to build Indonesia’s human resources and its own research and production capabilities by establishing environmentally-friendly, multi-purpose biopharmaceutical manufacturing and research facilities, staffed by top graduates from Indonesia’s foremost medical research and educational institutions.

Etana is committed to enabling Indonesians to live long, productive, healthy lives by working proactively with major hospital groups, doctors’ associations, and the national pharmaceutical licensing agency and social health program to ensure that people from all walks of life across the archipelago have access to life-saving and life-enhancing drugs that were previously unavailable or difficult to access in Indonesia. Etana works with the medical establishment to ensure that health care service providers are aware of and capable of deploying the pharmaceuticals it produces to effectively treat patients’ medical conditions.

Job Vacancy For Production And Quality Control Departments At Etana Biotechnology

Indonesians are now living increasingly long lives and demanding higher quality medical care to guard and protect their health. With Indonesia’s expanding prosperity, rising living standards, and the introduction of a universal social health scheme, people’s expectations regarding health and longevity will continue to grow. Etana aims to meet these expanding needs for decades to come by continuing to extend the range and reach of its life-saving biopharmaceutical products, by building and developing the skills of its staff, and by working in close collaboration with all stakeholders involved in improving the health of the nation.

Etana’s purpose is to serve patients by providing high quality, affordable and innovative biopharmaceutical products
Etana’s corporate values and culture is expressed through its 3C ETANA value statement:
We are committed to improving the health and well-being of all Indonesians.
We care for the health of the nation. We encourage all members of our staff to share these values by caring for them, by providing them with good renumeration and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We work together with stakeholders and strategic partners in Indonesia to ensure that Indonesians have access to the health services they deserve.
Empowerment and Excellence
We empower our staff by recognizing and rewarding excellent performance. We empower the medical establishment by working to ensure that it is capable of deploying our products for the optimal benefit of those who need them.
We are aware that Indonesian patients depend upon us for their lives. We respond to their trust in us by an absolute commitment to the highest standards of quality and ethics.
We are conscious that the industry in which we operate is subject to rapid evolution and change, with constant new developments and discoveries. We are agile and responsive to these changes to ensure that we can continue to meet the health needs of all Indonesians to the best of our ability.